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This Christian Episodes are produced by nondenominational Christians under the direction of our Executive Producer Jesus the Messiah.

We are a 501 C3 Non-Profit Organization.

Pastor Chris White with Canby Foursquare Church, Canby, Oregon.

Pastor Chris White also is DWJ Productions Board President and the Spiritual Leader of this ministry.

With love and kindness and under the authority of our Lord Jesus, Pastor Chris White, is leading DWJ Productions Ministry, surrounded by very well qualified and faithful Pastors that think like Christ (including himself) from several Evangelic churches; Pastor Chris White is serving at DWJ as President of the board of directors, he also is a DWJ Pastoral consultant in the advisory board, DWJ presenter, he also is our friend and brother in Christ. We feel very blessed to have you with us pastor Chris White.  All our DWJ Pastors are well qualified and committed to faithfully deliver the truth (God’s word).

Pastor Matt McAuliffe, Pastoral Consultant

Pastor Matt McAuliffe with Trail Christian Fellowship, Trail, Oregon. He is our DWJ Pastoral Consultant.

Another foundation rock of this ministry is Pastor Matt McAuliffe with Trail Christian Fellowship who also has been giving strong encouragement and support to this ministry, he also has been helping DWJ with financial support, along with his faithful work. His love, encouragement, wisdom, compassion, biblical discernment and participation at DWJ is very much appreciated. He serves as a Pastoral consultant and he also is one of our presenters on DWJ episodes, sharing his love, kindness and compassion to the world. He certainly has the mind of Christ.

Pastor Tomas Alvarez, Pastoral Consultant

Pastor Tomas Alvarez, with the first Church of Nazarene in Medford OR. He is another faithful man of God who also has been giving his strong encouragement and support and he also provided financial support to this ministry. Pastor Alvarez is serving on our board of directors and he brings in love, compassion and understanding to our DWJ ministry.


Pastor Mark Anderson 

Pastor Chris White

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1 NKJ Around September 2016, God blessed me by sending my way two pastors that have the mind of Christ: Pastors Chris White from Trail Christian Fellowship and Mark Anderson from Ashland Christian Fellowship. Even when they were extremely busy with their work and personal lives and though I had not met them before they showed kindness, wiliness, love and support for this ministry. They both gave me strong spiritual encouragement to keep moving on with this ministry and be obedient with God. Others at the time were thinking contrary to our new ministry suggesting abandoning this idea of starting this new ministry or suggesting me to move on in a different direction from what God leading me to. Others discouraged me stating that English was not my first language.

Pastor Mark Anderson with Ashland Christian Fellowship in Ashland Oregon, is a rock of foundation in this ministry, not only gave us strong spiritual encouragement and support to move on with this ministry as God’s will, but, he also provided the financial support that was very crucial at that time to start our first production of “Dining with Jesus Christian TV Show”

Pastor Bobby Baugh, Table Rock Fellowship, DWJ Presenter

Pastor Bobby Baugh with Table Rock Fellowship in Medford, Oregon. Thank you for his strong support and prayers for this ministry and for his Pastoral team participation as a DWJ multiple presenter in our “Spiritual CPR” segment.

Pastor Rick Booye

I want to express my deepest gratitude and love to Trail Christian Fellowship Church in Eagle Point, OR. We appreciate your strong support of DWJ Productions. Thank you very much to: Pastor Rick Booye for guiding your church to think like Christ. Also a big thanks to Pastor Matt McAuliffe, Pastor Garret Harrington, and all the faithful shepherds at Trail Christian Fellowship staff for their prayers, hard work, participation, love and support for DWJ Productions.

Pastor Steve Hopkins, Table Rock Fellowship, DWJ Presenter

DWJ Productions Team:

Pastor Rob Garcia, Music Director
Cameron Stewart, DWJ Worldwide Prayer Coordinator Team

Thank you to our sister in Christ Debbie Conley, for faithfully devoting God’s word to all the children in our DWJ “Kid’s Kingdom” segment. She is the Director of Children Ministry at Trail Christian Fellowship, Trail, OR.

Debbie Conley
Dan Chavez, Safety and Security & Hospitality Director

Cindy Lamproe, Hospitality Assistant

Lety Pulido DWJ, Hospitality Assistant
Renee Hopkins, DWJ Ambassador Medford Oregon
Trisha Whittington, DWJ Ambassador, San Diego California
Gloria Natalia Stinchfield Nutting, DWJ Artistic Makeup
Tere Diaz, Fundraising Team Coordinator
Gladis Rivas, Fundraising Team Coordinator
Ruth Alvarez, DWJ Social Media Coordinator
Steve Curran, Executive Director
Jeremy Gruenberg, DWJ Volunteer Coordinator
Linda Stevens, Support Team
Esperanza Aguilar, DWJ Support Team
Argelia Curran

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