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Pastor Chris White says to all of you: HELLO MY FRIENDS. May the Lord bless you today.

HOLA MIS AMIGOS. Que el Señor los bendiga.

Just how dangerous is alcoholism? At the heart of alcohol abuse is a misguided desire for satisfaction garnered through substances when the truth is that only Jesus Christ can fill that desire. As a result, it ultimately misaligns our view of Christ as our source and falls like dominoes over every area of our lives — sadly affecting even our families.

Alcoholism in all essence is an addiction, and while many will argue that it’s one that shouldn’t be taken so seriously, it’s surprising to see how statistics and numbers will say otherwise. The National Association of Children of Alcoholics CLICK HERE: states

that divorced men and women are three times more likely to say that they were married to an alcoholic. Alcoholism destroys not only the self, but the family as well.

God hates addiction to alcohol because it destroys the most basic unit of society — the family. In the Bible, God instructs husbands and wives to value marriage, parents to value parenthood, and children to value family because God values family. And alcoholism can destroy exactly that.

Alcoholism can destroy other things. It can ruin your profession, your health, your time management, and your self-worth.

But the biggest disruption it brings in this world is on families. I have counselled countless husbands, wives, and children who can only look back and wished that alcoholism did not destroy their family.

But there is good news: Alcoholism doesn’t have to destroy your family. Whether you’re struggling with it now or you have a family member who is and it’s straining your relationships, know that God has made a way to break the power of addiction. He gave us Jesus Christ who brings liberty and freedom through His finished work.

Galatians 5:1 says, “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Jesus can and will destroy the yoke of addiction and bondage when we submit ourselves to His Lordship and allow Him to work in our families and to restore His ultimate plan for our families.

God loves our families more than we do and His desire is to liberate the captives by breaking the bondage of alcoholism in your family today.

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