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Let Them See Jesus By: Pastor Victor Borchard
  What if there are lost people out there who actually want to see Jesus? There once was a rich, but despised tax collector like that. His name was Zacchaeus. He wanted to see Jesus, but couldn’t because a crowd was blocking his view. So, he decided to climb a tree in order to see over the crowd. As it turns out, it was a crowd of religious people. They referred to Zacchaeus as a sinner. They grumbled about Jesus going into such a sinner’s house.

The religious crowd not only obscured the view of Jesus, they also complained when Jesus accomplished his mission of saving lost people.

Today, there might be some lost people in your life who are like Zacchaeus. They just want to see Jesus. Instead of blocking their view, let’s show them Jesus. Rather than grumbling about what’s happening with lost people, let’s rejoice with them when Jesus visits them.

As we live on the mission of Jesus to seek and save the lost, the religious crowd might grumble. The religious crowd might even try to stop you from doing what it takes to seek and to save the lost. Don’t let them. The mission is too important. The stakes are too high. Eternity is too long for us to abandon our mission.

When Jesus stayed on mission, a lost man who wanted to see Jesus ultimately did and “received him joyfully.” Let’s stay on mission for his glory and their joy.

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