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At the Teacher’s Feet

By: Bill Muir

Mary “sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to what he was saying” (Luke 10:39). Without understanding the cultural context, we might miss the profundity of Mary’s posture. In Jewish tradition, “sitting at the feet” was what a disciple did. In Acts 22:3, the apostle Paul tells us that he was educated “at the feet of Gamaliel.” Gamaliel, an esteemed rabbi in Israel, trained Paul who would later self-describe as a “Pharisee of Pharisees” (Acts 23:6; cf. Philippians 3:5). 

Mary sits at the feet of her rabbi, Jesus. Since this was the posture assumed by a disciple, we can safely conclude that Mary was a disciple of Jesus. Mary, a woman in a male-dominated world, yet a disciple! Scandalous and profound, indeed! Jesus’s affirmation of Mary’s posture reveals his acceptance of Mary as a legitimate disciple. Jesus welcomes women to learn at his feet. 

If you consider yourself a disciple of Jesus, it is always important to ask if you are spending time at Jesus’ feet.  But it’s not enough as a disciple to listen to Jesus, a disciple has the discipline to live out what Jesus said.  Learning from Jesus isn’t about making us smarter than someone else so that we can win the argument, it is about learning how he wants me to live so that I build my house on the rock and not sand.

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