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By: Pastor Bill Muir

“but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God. In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.” Ephesians 2: 18b & 22.

The more alone you are in your Christianity, the less intimate you will be with God, and the more Christians you know intimately, the more Christians you pray with, the more Christians you talk about, “What do you see in Jesus? What do you see about Jesus?” The more Christians you know intimately, the more intimately you’ll know God because God inhabits a building. He can’t inhabit a stone in the same way he can inhabit a building.

C.S. Lewis was part of a group of believers. There were three men once, Jack, Ronald, and Charles, and they were very, very close. When Charles died, Jack thought, “Ah, I’ll get more of Ronald now. I won’t have to share Ronald with Charles.” To his shock, he found that when Charles died, he didn’t get more of Ronald; he got less of Ronald because there were certain things in Ronald only Charles brought out.

Then when he realized he had less of Ronald because he had more of Ronald, that the more alone he was with Ronald, the less he knew Ronald, he suddenly said, “Wait a minute. Jesus Christ, the eternal, multidimensional, rich Jesus Christ … there is absolutely no way I will ever know him all by myself. Only when I know lots of other Christians who all know a part of Jesus that I probably don’t will I know him fully and truly.”

If you don’t have people you’re praying with and talking with about how your prayer life is going, you will miss out.   Unless you have people you’re personally accountable to regarding your character and your sins, you miss a part of Jesus.   We need to pray together, talk together, and praise God together.

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