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Stepping into a Lost World

By: Bill Muir

“Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders;
make the most of every opportunity.”

Colossians 4:5

Stop and think of a situation where you were an outsider. How did you feel? What was going through your head? The idea of being an outsider can be uncomfortable, so to think of people as outsiders can feel harsh and uninviting.

The reality is those who have not entered into salvation through Jesus – the true “gate” to life (John 10:9) – are spiritual outsiders. We were all outsiders at one point, and by the grace of the gospel, we have an opportunity to help the people around us – those that are near and far from God – experience what it means to be an insider with Christ.

Paul instructs us to be wise, making the most of every opportunity with outsiders. Though each situation is different, we begin by starting where they are, which requires us to explore.

To make the most of a situation, use questions to discern if a person is open to talk and to discover insights into their spiritual journey. With wisdom and genuine care, you will likely get to know the person better, deepen the relationship and have an opportunity to talk about Jesus.

The best way to discover where a person is spiritually is to ask. How well do you know the spiritual journey of the people in your world? Pick one whose journey you aren’t as familiar with and pray for opportunities and boldness to know them better this week. 

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