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Sound familiar? No doubt it does! Our media is saturated non-stop with the crucial, vital, mandatory, urgent message that must you run around non-stop and spend a great deal of money, time, and effort gathering multiple gifts for everyone you love, all your friends, and maybe some people you don’t even like!! And if you don’t … you’ve ruined Christmas.

Obviously, that’s not a true or healthy message, but sadly, to a large portion of people in our nation, it is their reality. And few of them will ever pause, to reflect on just how short-lived the happiness from that pile of expensive gifts can last after Christmas morning has come and gone.
This whole Christmas experience is a man-created event has its beginnings in the birth of Jesus, the saviour. But much of what the Christmas holidays now engender, and require, is far from the essence of what Jesus’ birth really meant: specifically, the role of “gifts” has been completely re-engineered from that original worship event in Bethlehem, to its modern incarnation as purely materialistic excess.

The gifts of the wise men were not even given for the primary purpose of bringing happiness to Jesus—the recipient of the gift—but, more likely, were an expression of the joy of the givers, for having found and been in the presence of the promised deity, the Messiah. Here’s why:
The Magi had likely invested years of study, and then years of diligent watching, then months of difficult travel, all at great monetary expense and personal exertion. The search had taken them through many places, into the presence of the dangerous tyrant Herod, and had been accomplished only by the direct and extra-terrestrial direction from God’s specifically provided star—some type of unmistakable celestial event—displayed for their benefit, to lead them to that moment of bowing before the King of kings and Lord of lords, who appeared to be simply a human Jewish male child, because that’s who He was. And yet, He was also God in human form; the Word thru which all things had been made, become flesh.

It was too wonderful to fully comprehend! It was a marvelous reward for their long and diligent seeking of God. True to His promise, when the Magi had sought God fully, with all their hearts, He had drawn near to them, and made certain they found Him. They were overjoyed, so Matthew tells us. So they worshiped Him. Their worship expressed their joy and gratitude. And that worship had already included the extensive investment and sacrifice of their time, and talents, and life energies. And, finally, they personally gifted Jesus the most valuable possessions they had—three of the most highly valued substances known to their society—gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
So, theirs were gifts of devotion—of adoration and worship towards God. But now, 21 centuries later, those gifts have been translated into our society as busy work to be accomplish before the end of the season, and rarely related to Christ in an way.

Don’t let the “urgency” of the holiday mask for you the true meaning of those original gifts, which is this:

 “You will seek Me and find Me
when you seek Me with all your heart.”
Jeremiah 29:13
 “Come near to God
and He will come near to you.”
James 4:8
Pray that God will provide His star for you in your seeking of Him this season; that you can also seek Him, and bow before God Himself; to know Him and worship Him, just as the Magi did.

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