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Dead To What?
“For through the law I died to the law
so that I might live … ”

Galatians 2:19
That doesn’t sound like the “Good News” everybody needs to hear, does it? But, actually, it’s one of the most amazing, powerful truths in God’s Word: we were crucified with Christ. So, we died. But what have we died to? That’s the question. What have we left behind? (It’s certainly not the capacity to sin; as of this morning I was still very capable-!)

Whether we realize it or not — whether we act on it or not, we are dead to the laws of performance-based acceptance; we are dead to the idea that we can do anything to earn favor from God.

It. Is. Finished.

With understanding, and clarity, we can embrace the truth that only Jesus did what we never could: prepare for us the way through submission and death, into the reality that He alone has freed us of our every transgression against God’s holy law: every sin — past, present, and future, and, adopted us into God’s own family! And all of this because we submitted — we invested our souls in Jesus, who died on that most brutal and compassionate of crosses. But how can this be true?
Somehow, in some way, when Jesus died on that Roman cross, we did too. Reaching through space and time, our souls cried out in anguish — the same anguish Jesus suffered on Calvary — and there, on that very same cross, we also released our last breath, and said, “so long” to a life of dizzying expectations and compulsions to perform, and to do it all for someone else’s sake — perhaps for ourselves — perhaps for God Himself? And, oh, how this death serves a most beautiful purpose!
“So that …”

When I read this tiny transitional phrase in Scripture, my eyes immediately search for its context. In this instance: for what purpose did I die to the law? For what purpose was I released from this assumed, and most dire necessity to gain God’s favor through proper ritual, and good intentions, and excellent performance?

“… So that I might live.” 
So, this is the call: to the downtrodden, to all the marchers whose boots are so heavy with mud and muck from the cesspool of vain effort and sin: leave the boots in the mud, and approach Him with bare feet dancing. By faith alone, you can step freely onto the most sacred and liberating of dance floors. It’s been waiting for you. Leave the boots behind, my friend.
so you can get to living.

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