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How would you answer the question “Who are you?”

You might say, “I am an American,” or, “I am a faculty member,” “I am a plumber,” or “I am a mother.” But a response that identifies your country, your work, or your parental status does not answer the question clearly.

The question is asking about identity, character, and purpose. Peter invites followers of Jesus to courageously profess an answer like this:

“I am one of God’s elect,
chosen to be part of God’s family
spread throughout the world.”

The book of 1 Peter was written to a Christian community being persecuted for its faith, ridiculed for its lifestyle, and challenged in its purpose. Peter sought to refresh these believers by recalling their identity as God’s chosen people — children of God, whose unique identity was that of citizens of heaven. But more than that, they were holy children of God, whose greatest possession is Christ’s holy character. And, even more, they were living children of God whose most profound privilege was to glorify God (see 1 Peter 4:7-11).

Regardless of joy or hardship, success or failure, triumph or temptation, God’s call is the map by which we may navigate a satisfying Christian life, serving faithfully wherever we are in this world.

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