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We Are In Process
“But grow in the grace and knowledge
of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
To him be glory both now and forever!”

II Peter 3:18

Robert Mulholland writes in Invitation to a Journey,

“We failed to realize that the process of spiritual shaping is a primal reality of human existence. Everyone is in a process of spiritual formation. Every thought we hold, every decision we make, every action we take, every emotion we allow to shape our behavior, every response we make to the world around us, every relationship we enter into, every reaction we have toward the things that surround us and impinge upon our lives, all of these things, little by little are shaping us into some kind of being. We are being shaped into either the wholeness of the image of Christ or a horribly destructive character of that image … destructive not only to ourselves but also to others, for we inflict our brokenness upon them. The wholeness or destructiveness radically conditions our relationship with God[,] ourselves and others, as well as our involvement in the dehumanizing structures and dynamics of a broken world around us … we become either agents of God’s healing … and liberating grace or carriers of the sickness of the world … the direction of our spiritual world infused … all we do with either life or death. Spiritual formation is not an option! The inescapable conclusion is that life itself is a process of spiritual development. The only choice we have is whether that growth moves us toward wholeness in Christ[,] or toward an increasingly dehumanized and destructive mode of being.”

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