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Time, space, objects, and people — all can become holy, if they belong to God. The temple in Jerusalem was considered holy space, and the objects used in worship, holy objects. The Sabbaths and feasts of Israel were considered holy days or seasons. And the Israelites were called God’s holy people by virtue of belonging to Him.

The New Testament uses the words hagiazo, to “make holy” and hagio “holy” or “sacred.” Jesus is called “the Holy One of God.” And those who acclaim Jesus as Lord are called hagioi, or “saints.” As believers, we are literally set apart, made holy, because of our relationship with the One who bridges the gap between a holy God and sinful human beings. But how does Jesus do this?

Remember the story of King Midas? Everything he touched turned to gold. Something like that happens when we come into relationship with Christ, the one who entered the holy of holies in heaven to heal the rift that sin had created in our relationship with God. Jesus is the one who makes us holy, enabling us to stand in God’s presence, and join the angels as they sing,

“Holy, Holy,
Holy is the Lord.”

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