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Not On Earth
“… not on things that are on earth.”
Colossians 3:2
Put your mind and affections not on earthly things, temporal enjoyments, riches, and honors; and though food and raiment, and the necessaries of life, are to be sought after, and cared and provided for, yet not with anxiety and perplexity of mind, in an over thoughtful and distressing manner; nor should the heart be set on those outward things, or happiness placed in the possession of them.

It’s tempting to get sucked into all the good things this world seems to offer, from the people we love to the splendor before our eyes and think the world itself is good. But be warned: The world is temporary, and those who chase after its finite pleasures and treasures can too easily fall prey to its illusion and turn from what really matters: God and His holy kingdom.

The word “conform” comes from the Greek suschématizó, which means to fashion, pattern, or style after. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as “to be similar or identical, to be in agreement or harmony with,” and to “act in accordance with.”

When we conform to the world, we mimic it, agree with it, walk in its ways. We align our perspective with worldly things, such as fallible riches and bodies that eventually wither and die. In effect, we put the world above God in our grand hierarchy of importance.
Paul tells us that our minds, our thinking determines our outcomes. In Romans 12 Paul tells us to be ‘transformed by the renewing of our minds.’ Transformed comes from the Greek metamorphousthe, from the root words “meta” and “morpho”. Just like the scientific process of metamorphosis, metamorphousthe means to change form, to become something new.

Instead of conforming ourselves to the world, then, we are to go from the caterpillar to the butterfly — that is, we are to become a new creation in Christ. We are to renew our minds, pattern ourselves after Christ and our eternal home in heaven with God, our Father.

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